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"Do you only translate into Dutch?"

No. Even though Dutch is our specialty, we can also provide translations into English, Spanish, French and Russian. We collaborate with freelance translators and proofreaders who are native speakers in the target language of your choice. This is how we can deliver excellent written content that meets your needs. 

"Are you a freelance business?"

Yes! Linguist for Hire is 100% run by a freelance linguist. (To read more about the founder, click here.) We are a growing business based in Brussels, and we are expanding our network of freelancers while working with Smart.

"What is Smart?"

Smart is a co-op which allows us to create contracts with our clients and freelancers, invoice our clients, pay our freelancers a net wage, and pay our taxes to the Belgian government. In essence, Smart allows us to exist and operate as an independent business. For more detailed information, please visit their website.

"What is your work methodology?"

First, please send us the material you would like us to work on, together with your instructions and deadline, so we can familiarise ourselves with it. Once we have finished analysis, we will give you a nonexclusive negotiable quote. When an agreement is reached, you will receive a contract via Smart, which will need your (digital) signature. As soon as your signature is confirmed, we dedicate ourselves to the project. We will keep communicating throughout the process, in case either party needs clarifications or support. Eventually you will receive our invoice via Smart which you can pay within 10 days after the agreed delivery date.

"Are corrections still possible after the delivery date has passed?"

Yes! During the 7 days following the delivery date, you can still send feedback if you want corrections to be made. We will adjust our work, making sure that the result meets up to your standards. Please note that any request after 7 days will be charged as a new assignment.

"What software do you use for subtitling?"


"In what format do you deliver subtitles?"

We deliver subtitles in an .srt file format, meaning that the video file itself remains unedited. This is practical for multiple reasons:

  • The subtitles will stay clearly visible and readable to the viewer, regardless the size of the projection screen.
  • The subtitles can always be changed or corrected afterwards, without needing to edit the entire video file. This makes them perfectly recyclable.
  • The subtitles remain optional for the viewer, who can choose whether or not to make them appear in online video players such as Vimeo and Youtube.
  • If you have an international (online) audience, your viewer can also choose their preferred subtitle language. This is perfectly possible using seperate .SRT files in multiple languages.
  • The video editor will always have the possibility to integrate the subtitles into the video file, if they wish to do so afterwards.

"I am a freelance translator / proofreader. Can I apply to work with Linguist for Hire?"

Of course! Please send us your resume stating your language combination(s) to

or fill in the form on our contact page.

Please note that if you are not yet a registered freelancer, you will have to become a member of Smart to become our collaborator. You can opt out of being our collaborator anytime in between assignments. Smart membership is completely free for the first 3 contracts, and you only need to pay a yearly contribution of € 30 if you decide to keep working via Smart after the 3 trial contracts. More information is available in the PDF below, or on their website.

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