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Looking for a linguist who understands

the film industry?

You are at the right place, because I am your Linguist to hire. I can help you expand your audience to the Dutch speaking market, allowing 23 million people from around the world to access your content in their native language. Moreover, I offer a personalised approach to suit both your product and your target audience.



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and translation



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Dutch and English are the target languages I offer. Why only two? To guarantee that you get a result of the best possible quality, so that a native speaker wouldn't even realise that they are reading a translation.


The source languages I translate from are English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian.


First contact

To start working, it is helpful to provide me with the material you would like me to work on, so I can familiarise myself with it.

Analysis & quotation

You receive a nonexclusive quotation based on the task at hand. Adjustments can still be made.

Our contract

When we reach an agreement, I will set up a contract using the services of Smart and forward the document to you. This will need your signature. 

Real work

As soon as I receive the signed contract from you, I dedicate myself to the project. We will keep in touch in case I need any clarification, so that I can deliver a result up to your standard.


When the work is finished, you will receive your file(s).  During the following 7 days, you can reach out to me if you have any remarks or if you want additional adjustments to be made. I will take care of it within that week. Any request after 7 days will be charged as a new assignment.


Eventually you will receive an invoice from Smart which you can pay within 10 days.


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Where to find me?


I am currently based in Brussels, although I provide my services worldwide.

My next stop

Brussels / Ghent

January 2019 onwards

Get in Touch


My name is Anastasia Troukhina

Reach out to me via 

e-mail: info@linguistforhire.com

social media:

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