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Looking for a linguist who understands

the film industry?

You are at the right place! I can help you expand your audience to the Dutch speaking market, allowing 23 million people from around the world to access your content in their native language. Moreover, I offer a personalised approach to suit both your product and your target audience.


The source languages I translate from are English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian.

Dutch and English are the target languages I offer. Why only two? To guarantee that you get a result of the best possible quality. For translations into other languages, I will collaborate with linguists who work with the target languages your project requires, to fit your needs.



Coherent and error-free language will make a difference for your success. Whether it is a website, a press release, or a film pitch, you want to convince your audience and your potential clients that your project has been created with professionalism and care.

Depending on your needs, I can create, translate or edit written content for your project. Including transcriptions and subtitles. 

Are you a director, producer, film industry event organiser? I can assist you as an interpreter on the set or as a host for your film festival. I can interview your (foreign) special guests, and/or provide consecutive interpreting for an international audience.


First contact

To start working, it is helpful to provide me with the material you would like me to work on, so I can familiarise myself with it.

Analysis & quotation

You receive a nonexclusive quotation based on the task at hand. Adjustments can still be made.

Our contract

When we reach an agreement, I will set up a contract using the services of Smart and forward the document to you. This will need your signature. 

Real work

As soon as I receive the signed contract from you, I dedicate myself to the project. We will keep in touch in case I need any clarification, so that I can deliver a result up to your standard.


When the work is finished, you will receive your file(s).  During the following 7 days, you can reach out to me if you have any remarks or if you want additional adjustments to be made. I will take care of it within that week. Any request after 7 days will be charged as a new assignment.


Eventually you will receive an invoice from Smart which you can pay within 10 days.

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